Altered TVC was a 2 day shoot in Autumn, with several different locations.

The shoot demanded extreme attention to detail and constant schedule following, to make ensure that everything marked up with with Post-Production for VFX.  Not to mention the tight filming spaces where we had to fit in the crane.

Casting was done completely here in Estonia and included 5 different people, including a women with an prosthetic leg.

This project really went to show that no idea is complicated enough. If you have a vision, we have a way to bring it alive!


Cedric Dubourg
Director of Photography
Julien Lascar
Paul Stefanuto
Line Producer
Jeanne Arcelin
Service Producer (EST)
Ingrid Eloranta
Line Producer (EST)
Eva-Kristina Mill
Casting Director
Meeli Seermaa
Steadycam operator
Janar Volmer
Taivo Tenso
Key Grip
Kailo Sinivee
Production Design
Getter Vahar
Key Makeup
Jennifer Õun
Mari-Liis Bunder
Kristjan Kurm
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