IKEA Livingroom

IKEA Livingroom has been a wonderful production and a true piece of art at the same, by building 3 entirely furnished and equipped livingroom sets fully in studio. This took our crew to a journey of 5 days construction and 3 days of shoot. This was a cooperation where Estonian production crew by Cuba Films worked as a service team for Finnish production company Otto Tuotanto. We worked closely with Copenhagen based director Jonas Arnby and cinematographer Rasmus Heise. This is a powerful reminder of what IKEA’s environments are truly about. Emotions that they create, authentic as they make us feel and the most important, they create our home.  This is the most delicious “fruit of our labour” and feel free to enjoy a bite.

Jonas Arnby
Rasmus Heise
Otto Tuotanto Producer
Ari Laitinen
Service Producer
Ingrid Eloranta
Production Designer
Tiina Paavilainen
Set Designer
Armin Kohlman
Alvar Kõue
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