LIDL Red Riding Hood


We had to create classical Hollywood style studio sets where to film the well known 3 fairytales of Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and Snowhite with an added Christmas touch these all 3 stories. We know we had a week to come up with the looks of the scenes and another one to build them ready.

As a service company for Otto Production, with who we have been working in trust and sharing mutual sense of quality along expectations of fast and precise production process for half a decade, it was an easy decision to jump on board and start DELIVERING IMMEDIATELLY!

Of course having worked before with a fantastic director Mika Kurvinen and brilliantly sharp Kjell Lagerroos previously, this gave us time to save in combining the best crew and workflow for this fellows. You must know with who you work with in order to nail it. Thats why we love our job, we are surrounded non stop of such a great and talented people! Admiration never stops.


While Otto Production proceeded with high end casting in finding the match for leading roles, we here in Tallinn focused on defining and building the sets, combining crew, casting for side roles, creating plan for costumes and food styling, gathering equipment and of course taking care of Covid:19 safety from start to end. We decided to build the 120 m2 castle for Sleeping Beauty and entire cabin with partial forest attachted to it for Snowwhite. Little Red Riding Hood, we decided to move into a location.

Initially we intended to move this set as well into studio, to have all 3 sets together and provide more compfortable working enviroment for the food stylists and talents. Due do short prep time we have decided along with Otto production to move it in the real forest and make it become a real enchanted forest!

More details about Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding hood set build and production process are available under the their specific Case Studies.
Campaign was shot over 4 days, along with SoM and still materials.

The TVC got over 500k hits in youtube over 2 weeks, with total over 1,5 milj. hits for the campaign.

Mika Kurvinen
Kjell Lagerroos
Production Designer
Armin Kohlman
Producer Otto Production
Ari Laitinen
Producer Cuba Films
Ingrid Eloranta
Line Producer
Mari Kriis
Still Producer
Risto Nikkilä
Still line prodcer
Liisa Tenno
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