Märklin was a sweet 2 day shoot which we prepared in time in the beginning of 2022 to get it ready for this upcoming Christmas. Smart isn’t it?

This was a production service for our long-term partner and friend Zauberberg Productions, with a playful and brilliant director Jonathan Barber who really  sparkled up the set and chose a great cast to compliment the story! The home set has been built into an empty house that allowed us to fully bring alive all the creative ideas to tell the story at its best.

With Fabian Wagner’s amazing skill of cinematography, joined with our director’s strong vision and full support of the Estonian crew, this bittersweet story of a young girl’s dad mourning the loss of his own father, combined with the determination of the 9-year old to bring Christmas joy back to her father, will definitely warm up the coldest of hearts this winter.

Jonathan Barber
Fabian Wagner
Zauberberg Productions
Executive Producer
Juliane Ellrich
Florian Poltz
Production Service
Cuba Films
Supervising Service producer
Ingrid Eloranta
Service Producer EST
Helena Christiansen
Production coordinator
Kädi Rammula
Hospitality Coordinator
Hedi Laos
Production Designer
Camilla van Zyl
Casting by
Estonian Casting Agency
Location by
Location Unit
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