MISK Schools

Misk School is a production service provided for VIP Films Dubai / Lebanon. The idea had to drive the concept and believes of Saudi Arabian private elementary school. The main focus was on the carefully selected location and cast as they both needed to be authentic and culturally a match! We selected an old Estonian Manor called Palmse that operated daily bases as a museum. Art department developed and executed carefully modern concept of set design which changed the initial interior of the manor entirely.

The final selections of casr, which were mainly children, came from Estonia and Finland. The casting itself took place in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden.

This was a great collaboration with Estonian production crew, involving as well Estonian director ad dop, with¬†Lebanese prodution team. This TVC is aimed to create security, trust and creative inspiration towards Misk’s development. I hope our execution is your imagination.

Helen Takkin
Heiko Sikka
VIP Films
VIP Films Executive Producer
Paula Tamba
VIP Films Producer
Martha Nassar
Service Producer
Ingrid Eloranta, Cuba Films
Production Designer
Armin Kohlman
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