We executed an out of the box idea, created by 27KM, where we could only use the prototype Volkswagen ID Buzz that was brought to Estonia, with the order that the car was not to be driven over 10km/h and it was not allowed to get any heat or rain. This, of course, proved to be challenging, as we get both, the heat and the rain, during this time of the year.

Moreover, since the car was a prototype, we were not allowed to attach any equipment onto it, or have the art department modify the car in any way. And yet, thanks to the skilled director, we made it work by using alternative options, and ending up helping to create something completely different, but at the same time entirely individual to us.


Since the idea was to create something different with the car, and our options were limited by the prototype, the 27KM came up with the idea of placing the Volkswagen in the middle of a public square for people to examine. Our team suggested, and secured the Rottermann’s square- one of the most popular squares in Tallinn, and the car was left there for people to explore and interact, whilst our team, leaded by the amazing director, was secretly filming everything. This way, we managed to capture the spontaneity of the moment, and the realistic expressions of the people coming to see the new Volkswagen ID Buzz, which made the whole project more fun and distinct.

Although we only had 2 days to shoot everything, our team managed to stick to the schedule, and film in over 10 different locations, whilst offering skilful service to 27KM. Furthermore, not only were we able to close down one of the biggest highways in Tallinn without any complications, but it is also important to note that the whole casting was made by us, and picked from Estonia.

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