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As true hedonists, we relish in the delights of gastronomy , ranging from delightful breakfast venues to cozy lunch spots and exceptional dinner establishments. Our discerning taste has led us to compile a carefully selected list of restaurants that meet our exacting standards. Explore these establishments with confidence, knowing that each one is chosen to provide a memorable and gastronomically satisfying experience in every meal category, which will make your stay in Estonia unforgettable 

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Breakfast / Bakeries


Located in a modern district of Tallinn in the city center, famous for its avocado with smoked salmon and mini dutch pancakes, as well as fresh macaroons and cardamom buns.

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a newly built, quality brunch cafe with an impeccable design offers aromatic coffee and perfectly cooked eggs Benedict.

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cozy breakfast/brunch place right near Kadriorg park, filled with healthy options and design inspired by London Borough Market.

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one of the most famous cafes in Tallinn is located in the old town, famous for its design and history as well as baked goods.

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Röst is a small bakery and a coffee shop with Scandinavian influences. Besides sourdough bread and sandwiches they offer coffee from local micro rosters.

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one of the most popular and high quality bakeries in Estonia, offering everything from freshly baked cinnamon rolls, to exotic flavored cakes, complemented by a variety of hot drinks.

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A quaint bakery renowned for its artisanal sourdough bread, the freshest croissants in town, and indulgent, creamy cappuccinos.

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Fika is not just a bakery, it's the coziest coffee shop that creates a welcoming space for you to enjoy and share Nordic pastry culture and specialty coffee with a friend.

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Cozy lunch / Dinners


The small restaurant Salt is located in Kadriorg and offers progressive food with some extreme fusion. All the dishes are served from an open kitchen in a cozy atmosphere. Their menu includes a lot of the world's classics, which are prepared our way, from the best local seasonal ingredients. However, they are also big on the new and exciting tastes.

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Modern bistro which sits in a cavernous warehouse overlooking the harbor at Port Noblessner. Assured dishes are designed for sharing and are inspired by the owners’ travels. Tartar is a must try!

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Zesty and funky located in the old town. At Peet Ruut you can order different dishes for the whole table and taste them with the whole party. The restaurant serves organic and natural wines, including other drinks. Food and vibes, locally sourced!

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brasserie comes with stone walls, exposed ducting and striking copper chandeliers. Well-priced modern dishes come with a focus on the chargrill, with steaks taking center stage, as well as their famous desserts.

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Ülo definitely has a higher than average interest in vegetarian food. You could even say that most of the time Ülo is vegetarian, sometimes even vegan. At the same time, Ülo does not say no to well made chicken, fish or meat. Ülo passionately contributes to a greener future by practicing zero waste and sustainability.

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Vegan Restoran V is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Tallinn. The food they offer is 100% vegan and 100% good priced.

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Restaurant Rudolf is close to many attractions such as Anton Hansen Tammsaare museum and Kadriorg park. It is also close to boutiques, shops and other restaurants. The restaurant's main focus is French cuisine. The dishes are beautiful, tasty and pair well with a glass of wine.

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The popular restaurant F-hoone established in the imposing century-old industrial building is one of the phenomena of the Tallinn food scene. This family-friendly community meeting place at the Telliskivi Creative City attracts customers with its architectural grandeur, whimsical cuisine, and carefree and friendly atmosphere. The menu of the restaurant includes many exciting international dishes.

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Located in Telliskivi Creative City, our elegant bistro offers an extensive selection of beverages. In addition to a diverse range of drinks, we boast a sophisticated wine shop and feature renowned dishes that cater to the preferences of all.

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Indulge in the town's finest Neapolitan-style pizza crafted from sourdough in a wood-fired oven. Kaja pizzas are meticulously prepared with the freshest ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled culinary experience.

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Quality dinner


Located in one of the trendiest districts in Tallinn, Fotografiska photo gallery sits a restaurant with picture-perfect views out across the Old Town. Restaurant with a zero-waste approach got the first green Michelin star in Estonia.

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A former rubber boot factory in an up-and-coming area plays host to this city hotspot, which starts the day as a bakery and then morphs into a stylish, laid-back bistro in the evening. Vibrant sharing plates follow the seasons and are packed full of flavor. The wine list features an eclectic collection of natural wines.

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Set in an elevated spot, with distant views of the Gulf of Finland, this airy restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows is a wonderful example of modernist architecture. Based on Baltic dishes with an original twist.

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Imperial summer residence overlooking Kadriorg park comes with a charming interior. Colorfully presented dishes have Mediterranean leanings, and flavors and textures are well thought through.

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The medieval restaurant Olde Hansa is the home of a rich merchant, whose guests enjoy delicious, authentic Hansa-era meals and drinks, authentic period music, and service that is always friendly. All of the dishes on the menu, including the many wild game delicacies, are cooked using 15th-century recipes and methods. Likewise, medieval musicians delight guests every night of the week.

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You can take in delightful views over both the city and the sea from this stylish waterside restaurant. The cozy room is furnished with natural materials and the full-length windows flood it with light. Seasonal modern menus are inspired by the owner’s worldwide travels and provide plenty of choice.

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Päris is a beautiful establishment situated in the business district of Tallinn, that combines bakery, deli, cafe and a restaurant. They focus on classic French cuisine but the interior is trendy, yet welcoming New York style with marble, huge mirrors and charming lighting.

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The 19th-century stone-built power plant of the Rotermann factories has been transformed into an impressive restaurant, wine shop and wine bar, exuding a rustic yet laid-back ambiance, featuring a prominent glass-walled wine cellar. The menu showcases Mediterranean dishes with a particular inclination towards Italian cuisine.

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A ‘Lee’ is the ancient communal fireplace around which families would sit together to prepare a meal – and this powder blue restaurant with ornate columns and a charming courtyard setting certainly has a historic feel. In contrast, dishes are adventurous and modern, showcasing local produce with a Japanese twist.

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Fine dining restaurants


The first restaurant in the Baltics to receive 2 Michelin stars. Ambitious, visually impressive dishes are the experienced German chef’s hallmark, and his detailed, modern creations show an array of flavor and texture contrasts. Warm, engaging service helps to create a relaxed atmosphere. (duration up to 4-5 hours).

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The creative 7 course menu keeps you engaged from start to finish, with complex, highly original dishes packed full of complementary flavors and layers of texture. There’s some theater at play too, with dishes delivered to the tables by the chefs, who describe them in detail. (duration up to 3-4 hours).

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Bars and cocktail restaurants


Sessel is located in the old town of Tallinn. The entrance is through a souvenir shop with Estonian goods and small gifts. The speakeasy offers unique drinks as well as immaculate sushi and snacks. The atmosphere is cozy, warm and a little funky.

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If You are looking for a place that is busy, buzzy and filled with people's laughs - Sigmund Freud is Your destination. Rustic design, original cocktails and friendly staff.

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Uus Laine is an appraised venue, providing a space for engaging conversations, meeting new people, and fostering discussions. It is a social hub with an open layout, vibrant atmosphere, and a lively program, serving as a communal gathering place. Uus Laine connects the community through regular cultural events, featuring local and international bands and DJs.

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Classy and elegant bar with professional bartenders who will provide an amazing experience. The bar consists of multiple rooms and provides privacy for each guest.

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located in a historic building with a classy 1920s design, “Whisper Sister” is created by a group of friends, who were inspired by travels and different cultures. The bar is very similar to “Babylon Bar”.

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Põhjala Tap Room serves 24 Põhjala and guest tap beers paired with Texas BBQ.

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If You are looking to please Your inner sommelier and have a glass of diligently chosen wine by Estonia's best sommeliers - Time To Wine is the place. One of the biggest wine list in the country provides all kinds of rare, organic, natural and exquisite wines, as well as a variety of champagnes. And if You get hungry, charcuterie and cheese boards are made on the spot.

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Nudist is a modern winery that originated as a garage-based craft cider maker in 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia. The establishment offers winery tours and features a selection of their dry and unflavored sparkling fruit wines. It's a place cherished by all!

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The Fotografiska cocktail menu draws inspiration from its exhibitions. The restaurant follows a zero-cost approach and collaborates with the kitchen to find a use from flower to root, pushing boundaries with different techniques. Their selection of artisanal cocktails is a must-try and a sight to behold!

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In Kalamaja, you'll find the retro and hipster-esque cafe and bar Tops! Tops offers both drinks and food. Their drink menu features a wide selection of local craft beers and vibrant cocktails. The pleasant atmosphere is absolutely guaranteed! Sometimes, live music keeps the spirits high, while other times, our music-loving friends spin some records.

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