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The Cuba Films team is excited for you to experience Estonia! Therefore, we are happy to offer an enticing array of experiences. In Estonia, indulge in the luxury of outdoor saunas set against the picturesque backdrop of the Baltic Sea. Explore Tallinn swiftly with convenient bike rentals, allowing you to soak in the city's sights and landscapes. Delight in the tranquility of Estonian nature through a multitude of walking activities, all tailor-made for you to enjoy. Experience the best of Estonia with Cuba Films! 



The mission of Kalev Spa is to enrich the relaxing and active vacations of all people and city guests through various wellness services in a spacious, modern, and conveniently located spa hotel and waterpark in the heart of Tallinn.

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Ring Spa is a fresh and contemporary wellness destination, providing diverse massages, relaxation and meditation rooms, along with volleyball and tennis facilities. Indulge in our spacious saunas, each offering a unique experience.

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Cherished by many, this spa offers 13 distinct saunas and a variety of rituals, complemented by two large swimming pools, bars, and outdoor areas.

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MyFitness is the largest gym chain in Estonia, boasting 13 clubs across Tallinn and several more in other cities. MyFitness offers the widest range of group workouts, personal training sessions, as well as pools and saunas, ensuring the most luxurious gym experience.


The yoga studio was founded by a woman deeply passionate about various types of yoga, wellness, and nutrition. Black Dog Studios offers a variety of classes in their glass-window-surrounded studio.

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Experience a harmonious blend of body-warming movements and synchronized breathing in our Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga classes. Delve into the depths of tranquility with meditative Yin yoga sessions at Aurora yoga studio

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If running is your passion, especially running with a view, then the Kalaranna running track is a must-visit. Kalaranna is one of the most popular tracks for running, beloved by many, with smooth roads, greenery, and views of the Baltic Sea!

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