This was a complicated project that we serviced for Otto production, but all the hardships got conquered with the guidance of our wonderful director Pete Veijalainen, who had our creative team supporting his every move.

We were shooting 3 different TVCs in the span of 3 days, where we had to be on the beach and pretend it was summer in the middle of March, got to film in a complex apartment, and even managed to shoot on an ice rink using a Moviebird. Although everyone were freezing on the beach, our wardrobe department rose to the occasion, and kept our main cast as warm as possible throughout the 12hour shoot day.

Moreover, our casting team managed to cast 10 professional figure skaters, who learned the choreography, and how to skate on ice hockey skates all within one day. This TVC was in return all filmed on ice, with Fookus Pookus’ newest Moviebird24, also referred to as the ‘mammoth’ between the crew members.

Pete Veijalainen
Iddo Soskolne
Ari Laitinen
Supervising Service Producer
Ingrid Eloranta
Service Producer
Helena Christiansen
Production Designer
Kamilla Kase
Serviced For
Otto Productions
Serviced by
Cuba Films and Estonian Production Service
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