Arla was a fun and intimate project that truly shined because of its amazing director Markus Virpiö, and was constantly supported by our creative team. Although we had a minimal team for this project, we managed to fit two locations into one day!

The idea of the shoot was organic and fresh vibe, which meant that all four of our actors had to be buck naked. The weather was nice, but since the clip was filmed in April, it ended up being a bit chilly. This could’ve turned into a problem for us, but luckily both, our actors and our team did a fantastic and professional job, to make sure that everyone was decently covered and kept warm in between the takes.

The Arla TVC, which we serviced for 358 Productions, turned out just as fun and creative as we originally thought it would, and our team was working hard throughout the day!

Markus Virpiö
Johan Wasicki
Olli Korpiala
Service Producer
Ingrid Eloranta
Production Designer
Viktoria Martjanova
Food Stylist
Mari-Liis Ilover
Serviced by
Cuba Films and Estonian Production Service
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