Offering excellent production service has always been our main goal, and even with this shoot we didn’t lower our standards, no matter how complicated the project turned out to be.

The main challenge was with the car that needed to be lifted for the majority of the clip. As the garage was rather small, we couldn’t alter the interior, and therefore, no car lifts, or any other special equipment could be placed inside the garage. This, in turn, made the situation bit dangerous for the actors at first, but the problem got quickly solved by our wonderful team, who came up with the alternative options, and made sure all the actors were safe throughout the shoot.

Moreover, as the car needed to be lifted by hand and secured to make sure it won’t hurt the actors, even our producers were not afraid to get their hands dirty and came for the rescue. They personally helped to hoist and stabilise the vehicle, making sure that everyone was kept safe during the process.

Lars Timmermann
Ulrik Boel Bentzen
Serviced for
BIGFISH Productions
Executive Producer
Oliver Marquardt
Juri Maric
Service Producer
Ingrid Eloranta
Line Producer
Mari Kriis
Production Designer
Getter Vahar
Serviced by
Cuba Films and Estonian Production Service
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