Although the shoot was rather complicated, our team still managed to provide outstanding production service for BIGFISH Productions. The idea was to create a project with a sunny and warm look, but the weather was not working with us, as there was a big storm during the shooting period, not to mention the rain and snow that was coming from all angles. Still, with cohesive teamwork, and with the leading of the experienced director, the project came out as it was originally expected.

Moreover, although the idea of 4 people jumping on the trampoline at the same time seemed easy enough at first, it turned out to be a real challenge to get everyone synchronised. Yet, the problem was eventually solved by the stunt director, who through excellent coaching managed to get everyone jump at the right time in live.

In the end, the final challenge, that got solved early on, but nevertheless turned out to be a real obstacle at first, was to find two houses that would have their gardens facing each other and would be divided by the hedge. In the end, our amazing location team managed to find us the houses that were exactly what the director had wanted.

Lars Timmermann
Ulrik Boel Bentzen
Serviced for
BIGFISH Productions
Executive Producer
Oliver Marquardt
Juri Maric
Service Producer
Ingrid Eloranta
Line Producer
Mari Kriis
Production Designer
Getter Vahar
Serviced by
Cuba Films and Estonian Production Service
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