Nivea is one of the leading companies in skin care with more than 130 years of experience and in addition to its customers, Nivea is fully devoted as well to provide sustainability for our beautiful planet. It was certain we needed to nail this shoot in both ways.

The brief foresaw an incredible and magical waterfall enviroment for our main talent to dip in for a sensational bathing experience, thanks for Nivea Creme Soft of course! The shoot was planned for September, this would mean around 6-8 degrees of Celcius water temperature in Estonia and we had to offer only 2 waterfalls that would match the requirments.

At the same we needed to find “rain effect” shower room and an interior home location for bedroom cuddling scene. This must all be shot in 1 day.


We confirmed the suitable waterfall and scouted interior location near to it. “Rain effect” shower was built in location in living room area as a separate set with running water. We could not afford loosing time by changing location.
Diver examined the underwated surface before defining the place and distance to go in for our main talent and stayed at her side to support her safety in water during the entire shoot.
Custom made wetsuite was created to keep our talent warm from the part of the body remaining under the water.
This shoot was performed in 16 hours and we hope you enjoy the result!

Production Service for
Leonard Witte
Tim Höddinghaus
Production designer
Tiiu-Ann Pello
Costume Stylist
Alli-Liis Vandel
Producer 27KM
Lars Doehring
Producer Cuba Films
Helena Christiansen
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